Burlesque JamborTease!

Ventura's Only Traditional Burlesque Show

Dr. Shocker has brought together those sultry, scintillating, sirens of the burlesque community who perform at the Majestic Ventura Theater. Mixing together traditional and neo-burlesque, he has created a spectacle not seen in Ventura County. This is not the striptease you may have been warned about by your mother, nor is it a sugar coated Hollywood movie. This is real burlesque performed by real women (and Men) of all shapes and sizes. Comedians, Singers, Magicians and of course those lovely ladies have all graced the stage at Dr. Shocker's Burlesque JamborTease!
All The Tease None of the Sleaze!

  • Holly Rock-It

    she is the little girl who sold her soul for bump n grind and rock n roll!

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  • Nadia Lotte

    She isn't always bad, but she is Nadia Lotte

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  • Greta Genade

    She is the Bomb that Goes Off in Your Hand

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  • Brandy Snifter

    Brandy Snifter is both a container for delectable alcoholic beverages, and a burlesque entertainer

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  • Angie Cakes

    Sugar, Spice and a Pinch of Glitter

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    • Pearl Lux

      Gold Medal and Best Dancer awards at the first ever International Burlypicks competition.

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    • Jessabelle Thunder

      There is a storm brewing and she's bringing the Thunder!

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    • Rosie Radish

      Our Stage Kitten For the Evening

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    • Dr. Shocker

      Your Host and Guide on a Sexy Adventure

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    • DJ Rob Roy

      Making the Tunes GO POP!

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Dr. Shocker

Dr. Shocker's Burlesque JamborTease! at the Majestic Ventura Theater is the second incarnation of Dr. Shocker's dream of bringing the class and style of traditional burlesque to Ventura. As an accomplished host he has performed on stages far and wide, including the Peepshow Menagerie, Monday Night Tease and Southwest Burlesque Festival. This combined with his promotion skills led him to fill a missing need in Ventura's Nightlife. A forum for some of the most amazing burlesque and Cabaret performers from around the country.

Past Performers